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2024 Title IX Regulations Released! August 1, 2024 Deadline for all k-12 school districts and higher education campuses to adopt regulations.

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Title IX Consulting Group provides expert consulting services for K-12, higher education, students, and law firms for all Title IX matters. 
Our consulting services include helping schools and campuses decrease liability, advising students with Title IX expert support, and working alongside legal teams that are addressing Title IX cases in the court system. With an emphasis on Title IX expertise, best practices, and compliance we are here to provide Title IX insight on issues of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct policies, procedures, practices, and protocols. Please note, our work includes the analysis of procedural non-compliance within campus practices for victim cases, as well as, cases involving individuals accused of sex discrimination. 
Overall, we strive to improve Title IX policy and procedural understanding and increase transparency of K-12 and higher education practices through our Title IX consultation.
Legally, the Title IX Education Amendment of 1972 mandates all educational institutions that are federally funded, to prevent sex discrimination (sexual harassment), to take prompt and effective action, and to decrease Title IX non-compliance liability.
Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Alexander
I reached out to Sandra all the way from Texas, seeking someone knowledgeable in Title ix, to ask for guidance and support in my daughters situation. She responded back, she listened to me tell our story, and she reached out to someone in North Carolina, who then reached out to those in Texas who may be able to help us. Today I got the phone call. Sandra thank you from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond to get us the help we need. You made me feel heard, you truly showed me you cared about my daughter and her safety, and you did what you could to help us in a situation no one id spoken to until today was willing to tackle. I found her thanks to you and thanks to Randy. No words can express the gratitude I have for you both. Thank yall.
Amanda H
Amanda H
Sandi’s services provided in the LU case I was a part of were unmatched. She is amazing, knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly - caring. I am beyond grateful for her contributions to our case and the care and love she bestowed upon us.
Gene Marrano
Gene Marrano
A genuinely caring and compassionate company working on behalf of victims of abuse. Sandi is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her approach to the victims is always kind and compassionate. She is a 10 out of 5 stars!
Heather Wendel
Heather Wendel
5 stars isn’t enough. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Sandi and Title IX Consulting Group. I honestly don’t know if I could have gotten through my case without her by my side. She held my hand as I told the story of the worst experience of my life, and she made me feel safe, and made me feel that there was a team behind me. She was with us for an entire week as we fought in that War Room. Sandi actively listened, genuinely cared, and even made us laugh to help ease the pain. Anything she could do, she did, and if there’s something she couldn’t do (I doubt that is even a thing) she will find someone who can. Time and again Sandi has proven that she is a warrior, and she will not let anyone stand in the way of justice. I cannot wait to see how much more she does. “We’ve only just begun…”❤️
Amy Louise
Amy Louise
Sandi is the absolute most supportive and purpose driven person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. As a Jane Doe, she went to bat for me like nobody else has. She knows Title IX laws and policies like the back of her hand and is not afraid to speak up for what is right. My life is forever better because of her and her business.
As one of the Jane Does from the LU case, Sandi was an amazing help not only with the case itself but emotionally. It was by no means an easy process but without Sandi’s help and support I know it would have been much more difficult. Would give more than 5 stars if was allowed


What makes Title IX Consulting Group the right choice for K-12 school districts?
Our team has extensive experience with Title IX best practices, strategic planning, and implementation to ensure your school district is in compliance and not in jeopardy of losing federal funding.


How does Title IX Consulting Group set themselves apart to serve as your choice for higher education campuses?
Through extensive work with higher education campuses and high profile Title IX lawsuits, we understand from several vantage points what needs to be done to ensure higher education Title IX compliance.


Why does a student need Title IX Consulting Group when faced with Title IX issues?
If you are a Complainant or a Respondent in a Title IX school or campus case, you are entitled to have an "advisor" present. Our team understands Title IX on an expert level and can support you through the advisor role to ensure your school or campus case is appropriately handled and resolved.


What makes Title IX Consulting Group the right choice to consult on Title IX matters?
Our team thrives on working with law firms around the country that are filing complaints, and addressing Title IX matters. We are here to work with you and strengthen your Title IX case with expert level Title IX insight.

What Non-Compliance Liability Has Looked Like in Recent Years

Unlawful Title IX Responses Included:

  • Demonstrated Deliberate Indifference to Assault Reports

  • Mishandled Investigation Or Did No Investigation

  • Demonstrated Title IX Inequity to Involved Parties

  • Ignored Warnings to Change Policy

  • Responsible Employee Mishandling of Report

  • Ignored Suspected Child Abuse Complaints/Reports

  • Administration Inaction

  • Mishandled Adjudication

  • Institution Did Not Advise Resources and Options

An Introduction to Sandra Hodgin, Title IX Consulting Group’s Founder & CEO